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Traveling in Europe by rail is easy and comfortable. OnlineBistro offers tickets for trains departing from countries such as the UK, France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada and China. This online service is designed not only to simplify travel organization as much as possible, but also to make it as profitable as possible in terms of financial costs.

About Suppliers

The system contains the routes of such railway companies as Trenitalia, Renfe, Eurostar, VIA Rail and China Railway. Thanks to the high-speed TGV Eurostar trains running through the Eurotunnel under the English Channel, the journey from Paris to London takes just 2.5 hours, and the minimum ticket price is 97 euros. If you are traveling in Canada, use the VIA Rail trains, for 2 hours for 19 euros you will get to Niagara Falls, Toronto. And to cover the distance between the capitals of Spain and Catalonia, you will need only 2.5 hours if you buy a ticket for the Renfe high-speed train for 60 euros.


Apart from competitive prices and a large number of suppliers, one of the main advantages of the company is the ease of use of the system. Travelers who travel by train almost always tend to book a train ticket in advance. There is no need to specially go to the ticket office to purchase a travel document. It is very easy to buy a ticket on the website onlinebistro.ua due to its user-friendly interface and a large number of payment methods. Find the best price for your trip. Compare and book train and bus tickets for Eurostar, Trenitalia, Renfe, Flixbus and more.

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Helpful information

  • Travel during off-peak periods. When traveling by train, you can benefit from reduced fares on days that are less busy. When searching for tickets, we show all available tickets.
  • Tickets can only be purchased online a month in advance.
  • Tickets valued at € 10.00 per person or less are non-refundable. Tickets can only be returned before departure. The purchased tickets will be returned in full within 2 hours.