Another new service from ONLINEBISTRO is the sale of ferry tickets. At the moment, ferries are available in the system all over the world!

About Suppliers

You can book your ferry tickets by choosing from large networks of ferry companies online at low prices! We offer ferry crossings with ferry companies all over the world.

To find information about a ferry company, just click on its logo, as well as on the + for booking details.


Apart from competitive prices and a large number of suppliers, one of the main advantages of the company is the ease of use of the system.

ONLINEBISTRO guarantees a high level of service. For the convenience of your customers' crossing, our ferry supplier has created all the conditions for a pleasant pastime during the crossing. Duty Free shop where you can buy: tobacco products, perfumes, newspapers, sweets, gifts; restaurants, bars, pharmacies, accommodation on board, television, Wi-Fi, entertainment shows and discos according to the program.

Professional customer support department that operates a chat-orders and a 24/7 hotline for urgent issues. A large number of payment options for orders, from bank transfer to purchase by card or deposit.

Helpful information

  • The ticket is personal and non-transferable. The ferry can only carry passengers who are indicated on the ticket for the relevant date, time and route. A passenger with a ticket issued to another person is considered a passenger without a ticket and will be obliged to pay for the ticket.
  • Passengers boarding ferries, in addition to the ticket, must be provided with an identity document. ONLINEBISTRO is not responsible for lost tickets or boarding passes.
  • Each vehicle will be planted by the driver only in accordance with the safety rules of SOLAS (Safety Of Life at Sea): in the garage, the driver will be given a coupon indicating the garage where the car is parked.
  • All passengers with or without a car must comply with CHECK-IN, which provides for a boarding pass and automatic assignment of a residence number. The boarding pass is essential and must be kept until disembarkation. Passengers with a vehicle must arrive on the ferry 2 hours before departure, passengers without vehicles 1 hour before departure.
  • After the vehicle has entered the ferry, the staff can check the size of the ordered vehicles. In case of disagreement, passengers will be asked to pay the fare difference for the change of ticket. The supplier reserves the right not to park vehicles that do not correspond to what was stated at the time of booking, in the absence of proper garage spaces.