GSA Platform

General Sales Agent (GSA) is the exclusive sales representative for all ONLINEBISTRO products and travel services in a specific country or region. GSA gains a fully functional booking system, including accounting tools, request processing functions and contracting functions. GSA profits from the sale of various travel services, as well as ONLINEBISTRO travel solutions such as OBTS, White Label, B2B and B2C. GSA receives full support for marketing campaigns in promoting search engines to build awareness and strengthen brand presence. It is not easy to become a GSA partner of ONLINEBISTRO, because it is a large-scale platform that contains all the functionality of the ONLINEBISTRO system. An exclusive applicant company must meet certain criteria: membership in IATA, experience of a travel company in the market, a business plan for the sale of our technological solutions, a business plan for the sale of our travel services, sales team / names / experience, current sales volume, turnover report, financial report for the last 2 years.

GSA – is:

  • 100% online
  • Automatic ticketing
  • Multilingual back office
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Online support for orders 24/7
  • Net prices from over 550 global suppliers
  • Automatic issue, voiding and cancellation
  • Working under the name of a reliable brand
  • Effective training on platform setup and sales
  • Income from sales of tourism services and technologies

Who is the GSA Platform for?

The platform was created for large companies that already have certain achievements in the tourism market, namely: a large client base both in their own country and abroad, a staff of experienced workers and an already existing tourism business. Since the ONLINEBISTRO system only offers online offers, the GSA platform is more suitable for companies that are successful in other areas of tourism and have online ambitions. These can be classic Tour Operators of charter destinations, TMS and Business Travel. With GSA Platform, you will be able to sell not only travel services, but also ONLINEBISTRO technologies: OBTS Platform, White Label B2B & B2C Platform, B2C Platform, XML API, Affiliate & Iframe, B2B, B2C. All bookings for these products will go through the GSA platform.

Work and technology are ours, brand and income are yours. We guarantee a high level of quality in the provision of services and prices that you get without intermediaries. GSA Platform is your maximum capabilities developed by the ONLINEBISTRO team.

Our development gives you the opportunity within one month to receive your factory for the creation of tourism technologies and at the same time a booking system with your own design, domain name and logo. You do not need to spend time and money on system development, constantly follow the travel industry trends, keep a large staff of programmers, maintain servers, connect new suppliers and send them deposit funds to their accounts. Just one platform, one deposit and over 550 global travel service providers. You will receive all this within a month!

GSA Platform makes it possible to work with both a tourist and a B2B client. In order for a client to buy a travel service on your platform, you need to put a markup on each of the services located in the Back Office, connect a payment solution and add a public offer agreement. All services in the system are 100% confirmed, therefore, after purchasing the service, the client is guaranteed to receive a document confirming the purchase of the service. Also, for working with B2C clients, the system has an Affiliate Program, with which you can connect any number of modules to the necessary Internet portals with a large traffic of potential leads.

GSA Platform makes it possible to work with B2B partners by directly connecting to your website, as well as through sales channels: OBTS Platform, White Label B2B & B2C Platform, B2C Platform, XML API. For each client, OBTS Platform provides an opportunity to create a group of clients, an extra charge, a manager's account, analytics and much more. The agent is registered on your website and, after your confirmation, gets access to the Back Office, where he can book with his own extra charge, communicate with you on each order, issue documents to the client in his own colors, with his logo, and so on.

Back Office

In your Back Office, you can create and edit the pages of your site, set markups, add currencies, set up payment methods, distribute clients into groups in order to define various terms of cooperation. In addition, you can design your vouchers, set up different levels of access to the system for each of your team members, control search engine optimization, analyze your business by day, week, month and year, reward for successful bookings, track all financial reports and much other.

My office

  • Documents - agreement, privacy policy, terms and conditions.
  • Deposit line - history of payments for booking in ONLINEBISTRO.
  • Day work / daily task - CRM for setting and monitoring tasks for employees.
  • Office settings - credit line conditions, display of suppliers and site language.
  • Office data - placement of the current contact details of your office and bank accounts.
  • Credit line - weekly reporting on a credit line. The number of orders, and their payment.
  • User access - setting for access of your employees: director, support service, accounting department, sales department, curators.


  • Account types / bank accounts / invoices - save and edit accounts.
  • Setting prices - setting prices for each of the customer groups: in percentage, per booking, passenger, combination and additional markup.


  • Content - create web pages describing each page
  • Website design - the ability to create an individual website design.
  • Voucher / invoice design - reflects company logo and colors on documents.

System Setup

  • Domains - access to domain and SEO settings.
  • Dictionary - the ability to change the description of functions and services on the site.
  • Currency settings - create any currency and automatically update the rate from the ECB and NBU.
  • Payment Methods - adding different payment methods to customer groups, such as bank transfer, card, deposit.

Business settings

  • Analytics - tracking the number of bookings, searches, and other functions.
  • Data Summary - Filter reservations by supplier, airline, number of customers, and more.

B2B setup

  • Submit Request - Technology Purchase Requests.
  • B2B office is a database where all B2B clients are stored.
  • Loyalty program - setting up a bonus program for clients.
  • Customer groups - create customer groups for setting up finance.
  • Agreements - a database for storing agreements with your clients.
  • Iframe (booking module) - connecting a module for your B2B partners.
  • B2B registration - confirmation of new partners to the corresponding customer group

Available services

At the moment, such services can be booked.

Flights - more than 105 BSP, which makes it possible to search for optimal fares for flights of classic airlines used in various countries. The most popular markets are the USA, Turkey, Germany, Russia and China. In addition to regular flights, the system includes the product Travelfusion, the largest supplier of these low-cost carriers, charter flights in Europe from the airlines Condor, Sun Express, TUIfly...

Hotels - Users can take advantage of 60+ of the world's largest providers of accommodation services. ONLINEBISTRO partners include Expedia, Hotelbeds, WebBeds, Agoda, W2M, Goglobal, Tourico, Travco, Restel in the portfolio of which more than 1 000 000 hotels are instantly confirmed with convenient filters (by price, name, location, star rating, google map with a radius hotel search).

Dynamic Packages - This technology allows shoppers to receive customized travel packages that include a variety of travel services including hotels, flights, car rentals, and more.

Cruises - Cruise lovers are offered a product from 18 cruise companies, including Celebrity Cruises, Costa Cruises, Crystal Cruises, Cunard Cruises, Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean. The system provides the user with content pages that will help analyze all cruise travel options and make the best decision.

Transfers - groups and individual, in all light, from the head of HoppaGo.

Car rentals - in 160 countries from the world's leading car rental companies Hertz, Avis, Europcar, SIXT, Alamo, Budget, Enterprise, Dollar and Thrifty.

Train - the system presents the routes of such railway companies as: Trenitalia, Renfe, Eurostar, VIA Rail and China Railway. This online service is designed not only to simplify travel organization as much as possible, but also to make it as profitable as possible in terms of financial costs.

Bus - cooperation with the world famous carrier Flixbus allows ONLINEBISTRO users to purchase tickets for flights within Europe and some destinations in the USA in a few clicks. The route map covers 27 European countries and 1400 destinations. The company's buses carry out up to 250 thousand flights daily.

Activity is a specialized sale of tours and attractions. We work in 300+ destinations and have over 10,000 tours. We sell travel experiences. Thousands of them in more than 300 destinations around the world (and our portfolio is growing every day). From a ticket to the Louvre to a camel ride in the Australian outback, you'll find it all here on our easy-to-use website to choose from.

Ferries - Ferries are currently available in the system connecting mainland Spain from the Balearic and Canary archipelago.

Package tours - you can book a tour with departures from seven European countries: Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and Switzerland. At the moment, more than 100 contracts have been signed with European tour operators, including such "monsters" of tourism as TUI, DERTOUR, FTI Touristik, LMX Touristik, Schauinsland Reisen, Travelix, Alltours, Vtours, JT Touristik, etc.

How to make money?

GSA Platform is a turnkey business that requires investment. Therefore, everyone who buys the platform must have a successful travel history, business plan for development. For a minimum start, we recommend having a Project manager, air and hotel booking specialists, agency managers, sales managers, agency support department, digital marketing department and accounting department. Then it all depends on your plans and finances. But the e-commerce and online travel market is increasing sales every year, and traditional tourism is losing its position in front of online. The platform from ONLINEBISTRO currently already has 11 travel services, making it possible to earn money on each of them. In ONLINEBISTRO there is a commission forum, so you submit your earnings yourself.

Purchase of software products and payments for booking?

The GSA Platform package includes:

  • Software products - the result of computer programming in the form of an applied computer program (both as a whole and its components), posted on the Site, for the supply of which the Supplier is endowed with all the necessary scope of rights during the entire term of the Agreement.
  • Technical support - measures that are carried out by the Manufacturer through the Supplier within the limits and volumes established by the Manufacturer to ensure the functioning of the SP, including advising the Buyer on the use of the SP.
  • Exclusive - the sale of all ONLINEBISTRO products and travel services in a specific country or region.
  • Payment for orders. After purchasing software products, a GSA partner works through the system through a credit line. The minimum top-up amount is 25,000 euros, ONLINEBISTRO doubles the reservation limit in the system. The settlement procedure between ONLINEBISTRO and GSA partner is carried out once a week with one invoice for all bookings.
  • After purchasing the system, ONLINEBISTRO gives 3 free White Labels for sale so that the GSA partner can reimburse the funds that he spent on buying the platform.

    The price is negotiable.