Today, booking air tickets is the most demanded service of users, as the system of access to flights of 900 classic and 370 airlines of airlines. In addition, the possibility of combining carrier tariffs with various business models has been implemented.

The main difference between our online platform is the Multi BSP module, which allows you to search for the best fare, book and issue an air ticket in the system in different countries. Currently, the system has about 105 different BSPs integrated. How does the agent benefit from this? The fact is that for different markets, prices for the same tickets are especially different.

That is why the more BSP is integrated into the search engine, the higher the likelihood of finding a really profitable rate. ONLINEBISTRO presents NDC technology, which allows you to simultaneously order additional services (baggage, food, escort, etc.) while booking a ticket, therefore, expands the possibilities of customer service for our users.

About Suppliers

A large number of suppliers are connected to the ONLINEBISTRO system, from such GDS systems as Galileo, Amadeus, Saber, Worldspan and others. Fares are provided online from over 100 IATA points of sale (Multi BSP), which allows you to find not only the best price offers, but also the fare classes that airlines publish for individual markets. The strongest BSPs presented in the ONLINEBISTRO system: AT, UK, AR 1, AR 2, MX, CO, BR, CL, KZ, BY, AZ, LT, LV, CHN, HK, MY, PH, IN, SG, AU, NZ, CZ, DK, ES, HU, MD, NO, PK, RU, BSP SE, SG, IN, ID, HK, SA, OM, TH, PH, SK, TR, ME, UA, CA, USA 1, USA 2, USA 3, DE, IRC, UAE BSP.

Also, more than 20 aviation content consolidators are connected to our system. Such major players in the sale of aviation services as: Avia Center, Mistyfly, KIWI, BERlogic, TravelSky and others.

More than 10 airlines have been integrated bypassing GDS: AirArabia (G9) UAE, AirArabia (3O) Morocco, AirArabia (E5) Egypt, Lufthansa, Condor, Turkish Airlines. Charter flights from Europe, Ukraine and the CIS markets: SunExpress, Tui Fly, Condor, AirCairo, UIA, Sky Up, Utair, Pobeda and others. More than 370 low-cost carriers from Travelfusion, with the ability to buy additional services straight away, as well as a combination of both regular and low cost airlines.


Support for clients working in the ONLINEBISTRO booking system occurs both by phone and online chat, which saves the entire history of communication with the agent. As organizations grow and evolve, service desk requires additional complex updates to provide reliable customer service. We at ONLINEBISTRO strive to meet the needs and desires of our customers, and therefore have introduced a new feature: Open Tickets Solution - Request Change / Cancellation. You can now submit your request by creating a new request that will be completed within two hours. You will be able to track the progress of your request in terms of status and timing. In addition, you now have the opportunity to anonymously assess the quality of support. We are here to keep your work time organized and productive, and our system will do whatever it takes.


There are two types of tariffs in the system, which can be booked and canceled without penalties, and which can only be redeemed, for example, low-cost or charter. They implement various payment methods.

  • Bank transfer. Any order that can be booked under the time limit, the system will offer to choose a bank transfer payment method. After making a reservation, the system will automatically issue a time limit for this reservation and an invoice for payment. And after payment, according to the invoice, ONLINEBISTRO opens access to download the document.
  • Payment by card. For tariffs that cannot be booked at the time limit, but only redeemable in the ONLINEBISTRO system, payment solutions of Liq Pay and Fondy merchants have been implemented. You can pay both with your own card and with your client's card, after adding your service fee. The payment system takes its own commission for each transaction, so when you choose this payment method, a fee is automatically added to the invoice. All your card details are protected by the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) security standard.
  • Deposit line. For agents who actively book services through the ONLINEBISTRO system, the company offers payment via deposit. When paying, the booking does not have additional fees, as when paying with a card, therefore, this is the most convenient way for companies working in the system. ONLINEBISTRO does not open a deposit for everyone; in order to receive funds on the balance sheet, an agreement must be concluded between the companies.
  • Credit line. For companies that actively book through the ONLINEBISTRO system, it is possible to receive a credit line to pay for bookings once a week, for all orders in accordance with the statement. To work on the credit line, the company must send an insurance deposit to the account, which ONLINEBISTRO doubles and opens on the company's balance sheet.


In addition to competitive prices, a large number of different classes and tariffs that the system takes both from direct contracts and from consolidators, one of the main advantages of the company is the ease of use of the system. ONLINEBISTRO gives you the opportunity to see the classes of airlines, check the rules of fares, track the time limit in real time. Also, the system includes NDC (New Distribution Capability) technology, which makes it possible to book additional services, such as priority boarding, luggage, meals, and more. Professional customer support department that operates online chat orders and a 24/7 hotline to resolve urgent issues. A large number of payment options for orders, from bank transfer to purchase by card or deposit.

All this makes it possible for the tour agent to save valuable time and provide high-quality services to the client.

Helpful information

  • Please note that airline tickets from low-cost carriers are non-refundable and therefore cannot be voided, canceled, modified or refunded.
  • Cancellation and change conditions for scheduled flights are subject to the supplier's fare rules, according to the class of the ticket purchased. Please contact our support team if you would like to cancel, cancel or change your ticket.
  • Tickets from low-cost carriers are often issued immediately, with other airlines (more often consolidators), the statement can take up to 2 hours.
  • When booking an air ticket, you must understand that until the end of the time limit, the airline retains your seat on the plane, but not its cost! The cost of an air ticket may change due to a change in the exchange rate or a change by the airline in the cost of the fare itself.